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o yeah

Post  jF-mR.coll@ter@l on Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:30 pm

yet another reason y i say Dwyane Wade is the best in the league fuck kobe lebron i like him but D.Wade is my favorite the 0-9 nets gave us the MIAMI HEAT a very tough battle with just over 2:00 left in the game we were down 2 got back 2 commercial and my brother said were gonna lose all i said was we still have D.Wade aslong as hes on the court anything is possible he passed the ball 2 U-D who shot a jumper 2 tie the game then the nets point guard Rafer Alston threw a shoulder in2 Carlos Arroyo's chest and yet called a blockin fould on Carlos instead of callin an Offensive foul on Rafer Alston who only played 1 season with the heat in the 03-04 season A.K.A. D.Wade's rookie year and after that Rafer went up 2 Wade 2 apologize so on the inbound pass 2 rafer shot a jumper for 2 didnt go in but on the tip in by Brooke Lopez the nets center he hit it when it was already goin 2 go in A.K.A. offensive goaltending but the damn refs didnt call it and so gave the nets a 80-78 lead and then the leagues best player D.Wade which by the way did not score at all in the second half all but 3 free throws in the 3rd but D.Wade stepped up they inbounded it 2 Wade who had 2 get his self opened 4 the shot almost lost the ball on the dribble but was able 2 regain the ball and shot it up and with 0.1 sec. left on the shotclock it went in to give us the MIAMI HEAT a 81-80 victory over the nets who are now (0-10) 2 start the season off and us the MIAMI HEAT r now (7-2) D.Wade i solute u man no offense 2 james i like him but Wade u r the KING


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